Family Game Night Giveaway

Family Game Night

106.9 the Light is promoting family time through its Family Game Night giveaway!! We’re giving away a prize pack filled with fun board games and 106.9 the Light goodies! It’s a great opportunity to get your family together, or have a time of fellowship with friends and neighbors.


Starting May 12, for four Friday’s at 10:30 am, someone from the on air staff will be on Facebook Live having fun playing one of the games! Be sure to join us there to chat and say hi!! 

Board games we’ll be playing:

PieFace Showdown




Enter to Win Below

To enter to win, leave a comment below and tell us your favorite board game! (You don’t have to watch the Facebook Live to enter to win.) Winner will be notified via email after June 2. 

Read our full contest rules.

119 Responses

  1. Brooke Simpson
    Brooke Simpson at |

    My family loves X-wing but I’m more partial to card games like Rummy. 🙂

  2. Barry Mosteller
    Barry Mosteller at |

    My favorite board game is Phase 10

  3. Harry Barbee
    Harry Barbee at |

    We love the game of Life

  4. Renee Marlar
    Renee Marlar at |

    I have always enjoyed Monopoly!

  5. Carolyn Wynn
    Carolyn Wynn at |

    Monopoly is my favorite!!

  6. Anni LeaShomb
    Anni LeaShomb at |

    I love the board game Sorry, though I don’t know why, I am usually sorry I play it cause I never win! But I guess it isn’t about winning!

  7. Yadira Mendoza
    Yadira Mendoza at |

    I love to play Scattergories, we have a blast especially becuz all 3 kids can play and they sure do have funny answers, espcially with 6 year old, and then my husband and mom play but they only speak Spanish, so it’s fun because we make is bilingual!!
    Oh another fun game Mexico Bingo!!
    La Chalupa!! BINGO!!

  8. Chasity Boone
    Chasity Boone at |

    Act your Wage from Dave Ramsey!

  9. Sharon Prewitt
    Sharon Prewitt at |

    I have always kept game night for the family. when my grandchildren came over we would play Monopoly,Candyland or any of the other board games. we would eat popcorn or treats, yell at each other and just have one great night together. However my grandchildren are grown to be adults, so now I want to do this with my great-grandchildren. I think I’ll start out with Candyland because they’re only two and three years old right now maybe Chutes and Ladders. But family night is a very important part of my life. It helps us bond together as a family

  10. Elizabeth Rogers
    Elizabeth Rogers at |

    Life and Monopoly and Skip Bo are all favorites of our family!

  11. Toni Bunnell
    Toni Bunnell at |

    My favorite board game is monopoly ( not really but it’s my autistic grandson’s favorite one and we play for hours !!! ). Game night is a favorite at our house ❤️

  12. Cheryl Edmondson
    Cheryl Edmondson at |

    Monopoly rules…

  13. Sharon Prewitt
    Sharon Prewitt at |

    That was crazy with the pies..

  14. Kim Barnes
    Kim Barnes at |


  15. Bethany H
    Bethany H at |

    The Game of Life

  16. Kate Lee
    Kate Lee at |

    Our favorite family game is monopoly.

  17. Laura
    Laura at |

    Monopoly was always the favorite board game.

  18. Amanda Taylor
    Amanda Taylor at |

    I love life!!

  19. Lynn
    Lynn at |

    We like Monopoly and Pass the Pen.

  20. Crystal
    Crystal at |

    Right now our family’s favorite game is Pie Face. Our 4 year olds could play it over and over and over. Don’t break the ice is second for sure.

  21. Alisha Shoup
    Alisha Shoup at |

    My kids favorite is Life and we love Clue as well!

  22. Jackie Starnes
    Jackie Starnes at |

    Lately, our favorite board game is Scattergories. For a card game, UNO is always a hit.

  23. Lee Emma George
    Lee Emma George at |

    We play every version of monopoly we have but my favorites are the classics like Trouble and Sorry 🙂

  24. Patti Kincheloe
    Patti Kincheloe at |

    My favorite board game is Chinese Checkers. But we usually play Sorry or Trouble with the 8 year old.

  25. Patti Kincheloe
    Patti Kincheloe at |

    Chinese Checkers is my favorite but I usually play Sorry or Trouble with my 8 year old granddaughter.

  26. Janice
    Janice at |

    We love farkle, slap jack and other card games, and the boys recently said they really like apples to apples!

  27. Jerry Todd Nix
    Jerry Todd Nix at |


  28. Lauren Hoolehan
    Lauren Hoolehan at |

    That’s a hard question! Our family loves all games: Yahtzee, Uno, Phase10, etc…but our favorite one at the moment is either Nerts or Dutch Blitz!

  29. Carol Smith
    Carol Smith at |

    Love playing Battleship and Scrabble with my grandson!

  30. Jennifer Conger
    Jennifer Conger at |

    My family has game night quite often. We love uno and monopoly. Recently it has been speak out. Lol

  31. tammy
    tammy at |

    Monopoly and skip bo is our favorite game

  32. Kira Farrington
    Kira Farrington at |

    Does Bingo count? We love Bingo. If that doesn’t count, Mousetrap has always been a favorite.

  33. Jenifer Watkins
    Jenifer Watkins at |

    I love playing headbanz it is one of my daughters favorite game she can play with the family.

  34. Vivian
    Vivian at |

    We need a game night bad

  35. Sue Douglas
    Sue Douglas at |

    We love Apples to Apples, spoons and Bullship! Have game night with our grandchildren! Making memories.

  36. Mavis Barlowe
    Mavis Barlowe at |

    For a long time and through several precious grandchildren, their favorite board game was called Allowance. This game taught math skills while having a lot of fun. Someone had to be the banker!

  37. Trina Woodie
    Trina Woodie at |

    Our family loves to play the board game Scattegories! It is a fun time that the four of us can just spend good, quality family fun together. God Bless!

  38. Albert Patterson
    Albert Patterson at |

    Trivial Pursuit is my favorite.

  39. Ann Gragg
    Ann Gragg at |

    Our kids love Trouble. Monopoly and Life are also favorites. We so need this again.

  40. Rebecca Belton
    Rebecca Belton at |

    We love playing Life or yahtzee or phase 10 or monopoly..

  41. Heather R.
    Heather R. at |

    Twister is always a fun one to play!

  42. Melissa
    Melissa at |

    We love headbands, mad fan and trouble and speak out!!!

  43. Amy Deyton
    Amy Deyton at |

    We enjoy Battleship, Uno or Phase 10. Playing board games is fun and makes lots of memories.

  44. Crystal
    Crystal at |

    Our favorite family game is life but we also enjoy monopoly, trouble and the card game called rook.

  45. Sandra-Kay
    Sandra-Kay at |

    We still enjoy Monopoly …and anything we can play as a family with my 3 children and 6 grandchildren…

  46. Mandi
    Mandi at |

    We love Apples to apples and Chutes and Ladders!!

  47. Susan Shuler
    Susan Shuler at |

    My family loves Tabu! Every Christmas night a bunch of adults get together with appetizers at my house and play games. Perfect way to end the Christmas season!

  48. Candice Rhea
    Candice Rhea at |

    We love all kinds of games but the one we play the most is clue. And we just want to thank you guys for all that you do !!! God bless !!!

  49. Judy Quinones
    Judy Quinones at |

    We love family game night!! We often play the Train game, Phase 10 and Scattergories. Great way to spend quality time with those you love.

  50. Judy Quinones
    Judy Quinones at |

    We love family night! Our favorite games are the Train game, Scattergories and Phase 10. A great way to spend quality time with family and friends

  51. Lisa crocker
    Lisa crocker at |

    We love to play UNO and Trouble.

  52. Eva Hendricks
    Eva Hendricks at |

    My kids love to play UNO attack, Sorry sliders and Trouble. We love sitting around the table and playing while eating snacks.

  53. Carri
    Carri at |

    We are big Uno players. Can’t wait to see who has to play BeanBoozled 😛

  54. Karen Newton
    Karen Newton at |

    My little ones love Chutes and Ladders and I’ve always liked Uno, Trouble, Battleship and Life

  55. Matt Sessoms
    Matt Sessoms at |

    We have lost hours of sleep staying up playing Phase 10. We even took it to Nicaragua on a mission trip.

  56. Christina Moose
    Christina Moose at |

    My favorite is the game of life but we play all of them.

  57. Katie
    Katie at |

    My children love operation, and my sisters and brother in laws like “the jelly bean game.” Such good memories!

  58. Jennifer Sechrist
    Jennifer Sechrist at |

    I love playing parcheesi with my family! 🙂

  59. Melody
    Melody at |

    Love that you’re doing this! We love Apples to Apples everyone has fun playing 🙂

  60. Vickie Absher
    Vickie Absher at |

    I grew up watching my mom and her family playing Aggravation on a homemade board that my grandchildren still plays on today. On vacations and rainy days we also enjoy planning Uno and Phase 10.

  61. Amy Prince
    Amy Prince at |

    My family loves taboo and catchphrase.

  62. Laura
    Laura at |

    My family loves Jenga and Monopoly.

  63. Amber
    Amber at |

    We love Monopoly, uno, sorry, trouble, life, dominoes, but I think the one they love the most is connect 4. It’s nice to put electronics​ away and have family game night.

  64. Carolyn H Wallace
    Carolyn H Wallace at |

    I love listening to 106.9!!! So uplifting & encouraging!!! Thanks for all you allow God to do through you!!! Praying for you!!!

  65. Christina B
    Christina B at |

    We love Trouble!! Thank you 106.9!

  66. beth barber
    beth barber at |

    CLUE rules! the mystery is really cool!

  67. Kelly Sizemore
    Kelly Sizemore at |

    My favorite all-time game is Monopoly!!! Loved playing this game with my dad growing up and my boys have started playing and love it as well!!

  68. Caitlin Suther
    Caitlin Suther at |

    I’m a mental health counselor and Life is always a big hit with the kids! I don’t mind it either ;).

  69. Caitlin
    Caitlin at |

    Life is always a favorite!

  70. Eden Ann Gay
    Eden Ann Gay at |

    Our family likes to play UNO, Monopoly deal, BC card game, Clue and more!

  71. Sandi Russell
    Sandi Russell at |

    I like Bible Trivia. Not necessarily a game, but it’s the challenge I like. I have been listening to 106.9 the Light for 6 years now. No Tv, (yay) for the same amount of time. My station is never changed. I invite everyone I know to the 30 day challenge. Do you know how many lives have been changed or enhanced because of it….many surrounding my life. THANK YOU!

  72. Traci Allen
    Traci Allen at |

    Sorry as a kid
    Chutes and ladders with my kids

  73. Crystal Parker
    Crystal Parker at |

    We play UNO a lot! We also play connect 4, checkers, and chess. I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old so it gets interesting to say the least!!

  74. Joy Harmon
    Joy Harmon at |

    We play jokers and marbles !! My father in law and son made the boards for us. If you haven’t ever played it please look it up and play. It’s so much fun

  75. Cristy George
    Cristy George at |


  76. Joan Caudill
    Joan Caudill at |

    We like to play the card game I Doubt It. It is so much fun!

  77. Jennie
    Jennie at |

    I still love a good game of Monopoly. 🙂

  78. James Larry Thomas
    James Larry Thomas at |

    Monopoly, best ever! Especially if u get Boardwalk & Park Place!

  79. Lisa crocker
    Lisa crocker at |

    We live to play Monoply and uno. The kids like to play rummy

  80. Karen Hartman
    Karen Hartman at |

    We love games!! Some of our favorites are cranium, clue and sequence!!

  81. shannon young
    shannon young at |

    I enjoyed watching your beanboozed. LOL love how you all were looking forward to see someone suffer LOL

  82. Janelle Flint
    Janelle Flint at |

    We like bananagrams!!!

  83. Mark Southard
    Mark Southard at |

    Monopoly Empire!

  84. Lisa S. Masters
    Lisa S. Masters at |

    We like the Game of Life the old one, old Monopoly and we have an old Bible Game where you collect round wooden pieces that are either fish, grain and learn the 10 Commandments. The goal of that game is to collect the 10 commandments and land on the space where you say all of them once collected and you win.

  85. Lee Emma George
    Lee Emma George at |

    We love sorry! 🙂

  86. LIbby Smith-Queen
    LIbby Smith-Queen at |


  87. Laura Sturgill
    Laura Sturgill at |

    We love playing Monopoly at our house!!! Always lots of fun and laughs!!

  88. Kim Gilmore
    Kim Gilmore at |

    We like Outburst.

  89. Wendy johnson
    Wendy johnson at |

    I like playing clue but oh course they are a bunch that’s fun. We like pie in the face. We have played bean boozled too pretty fun too. I hope I win I love playing games

  90. Sandy Branch
    Sandy Branch at |

    We love to play Monopoly. My family is super competitive.

  91. Anna Bradley
    Anna Bradley at |

    My family needs a game night! Get them out from in front of the TV! Help!

  92. Joy Summer
    Joy Summer at |

    We love playing UNO.

  93. Sonia hartley
    Sonia hartley at |

    Headbandz,apples to apples, and speakout

  94. Amanda Minish
    Amanda Minish at |

    My families favorite board game is cranium and we love scene it (any variety).

  95. Marsha
    Marsha at |

    So far, my children love playing Candy Land and are getting the hang of Connect 4. I’d love to win to have a wider variety of choices! Thank you for this opportunity!

  96. Alicia
    Alicia at |

    We love pictionary!!! We CAN NOT draw lol!!!

  97. Jessica Fisher
    Jessica Fisher at |

    We love SkipBo, Monopoly, Candyland, Headbandz, sCategories. I have a set of 2 year old identical triplet girls, who are in the TERRIBLE 2’s right now, a 5 year old and 7 year old, and because life can be busy and hectic with the triplets, we do not go out much, so we do look forward to game nights and playing games.

  98. Joyce Sarvis
    Joyce Sarvis at |

    My favorites are Yahtzee, Monopoly, and Scattergories.

  99. katie Schmidt
    katie Schmidt at |

    We love dominoes, Bible trivia, and Skip bo.

  100. Kellie Dancy
    Kellie Dancy at |

    Every Monday we do family night! We share a short spiritual lesson and then play games. Our family favorite is the game of Life or Clue. It is something that has helped our family grow closer and share our day. Our daughter is 17 and she still looks forward to family game night.

  101. Tamela Smathers
    Tamela Smathers at |

    we love to play Jenga

  102. jeff parsons
    jeff parsons at |

    i like monopoly,operation,uno,, pretty much all the board games are great,thanks for the chance to win

  103. jeff parsons
    jeff parsons at |

    i love all the board games,thanks for the chance to win,my absolute favorite is uno and farkle

  104. Luke Cullen
    Luke Cullen at |

    My Favorite was always Clue. My sister and I would always get competitive during games, so we had to watch out.

  105. Susan Young
    Susan Young at |

    battle ship or trouble

  106. Monica
    Monica at |

    We love to play monopoly

  107. Monica
    Monica at |


  108. Sandra Herrera
    Sandra Herrera at |

    My 6 year old loves Candy Land. Sure wish the board looked like it did when I was a child, but it’s still fun.

  109. Elizabeth Yang
    Elizabeth Yang at |

    Candy Land

  110. Irene Beam
    Irene Beam at |

    We like playing Sorry and Yahtzee. I love the quality time together that playing games always delivers.

  111. Stephanie Pack
    Stephanie Pack at |

    The game of Life. I used to love to put my husband and kids in my car. The more kids, the better!

  112. Daniel Quick
    Daniel Quick at |


  113. Stephanie Pack
    Stephanie Pack at |

    The game of Life

  114. timothy hammond
    timothy hammond at |

    i love the game skipboo

  115. Courtney Bolick
    Courtney Bolick at |

    I have always love the game of life! Now its my 9 yr olds favorite too!

  116. Wendy Washburn
    Wendy Washburn at |

    My family loves Apples to Apples!

  117. Mistie Carver
    Mistie Carver at |

    I am a fan of Life board game.

  118. Jamie Carroll
    Jamie Carroll at |

    Our family plays The Game of Life and checkers. Best part is laughter.

  119. Tammy Thomas
    Tammy Thomas at |

    We love playing the game of LIFE!!!!


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